Web app development feels cumbersome.
With me is straightforward and transparent.

My Core Values: Kindness, Gratitude, Fairness, Empathy, Connection.

I build software and tools to make web development better, cheaper and more secure using cutting-edge technologies using my 12 years of experience in web development.I create enterprise level professional apps without the complexity, hidden costs or monthly subscriptions.

Whether you need my services or need a bigger team, me and my colleagues can help you achieve your business goals.

Landing Pages, Company Websites, or Custom Web Apps for your startup, with admin panel out of the box, headless CMS, AI integrations, or custom functionalities? Let's bring it to life together.

I ❤️ creating tools, contributing to open-source, bring web and mobile apps to life using cutting-edge technologies, and working with People.

I collaborated with Florin, who was responsible for big pharma companies’ web and mobile app development, delivering enterprise-level infrastructure and user experience. I would describe Florin as serious, reliable, fair and loyal—a true professional who is meticulous about his work, with high attention to detail, and very passionate. He successfully delivered exactly as it was discussed, overcoming expectations.

Dan Marinas

CEO Aimee

Florin is a very productive full stack developer that's handled some of the most challenging tech issues with breeze. From deep diving into complex code to mananging other developers, he has a wide range of skills that takes projects to the next level.


Co-Founder X-Wrist

Website development made simple

You need a new landing page for your excellent services. The development process should be straightforward.

And yet you stumble upon miscommunication, builders needing freelancers, bloated plugins, and unexpected extra costs, ending up with a crazy monthly subscription on top of development costs.

I want you to succeed.

The development process with us is transparent, well communicated beforehand and delivered as expected.

Problem with Website development
Best for small businesses that need an image for their brand in a few pages.

Landing Pages Development

A landing page is an independent web page offering detailed information about a topic, product, or service without distractions and with a clear goal.

Whether you choose from our templates, bring your design and text, or have our professional designers create them, we made it an easy, straightforward, and transparent process.

Get an essential presentational website or landing pages that sell.

Company Website Development

Best for small businesses that need a website that converts. From blogging to SEO to marketing tools and analytics.

Convert more visitors into customers.

With no hidden costs or bloated plugins, you get a highly performant, SEO-ready website with admin dashboard CMS, blogging, email subscription, and more.

We do high-performance-focused website development with editable content using the integrated CMS.

Company Page with marketing tools to convert visitors into customers
Starting an online business is now clear and straightforward.

Startups - Custom Web App Development

90% of startups fail; we believe yours is among the 10%.

You are not stuck with us. It's your app and your right to develop further with anyone you will.
We provide you the app's source code, exclusive rights to develop further, and written documentation.

Integrating the latest technologies, open-source CMS, in a modular way - our web development software is scalable, well documented and helps you build applications faster.Starting an online business is now clear and straightforward.

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Web development Realstocks - Commercial Real Estate Loan Management Services


Realstocks provides professional services covering digital contract negotiation & signing, lifecycle management, and digital transfers of commercial real estate (CRE) loans.


Monitor your key vital signs using X-Wrist health watches, consult with vetted doctors inside the X-Wrist app and get professional medical help & diagnosis based on your real...

How it Works?

We value your time.

We believe in efficient processes; hence we created a straightforward workflow that achieves the following goals:
🌟 Understand your business’s vision, mission, and goals, short-term and long-term;
🌟 Understand your needs, expectations, and requirements regarding the landing pages, website, or custom web app.
🌟 Deliver the mock-ups according to the information exchange;
🌟 Get green light to start development;
🌟 Setup initial live version on staging environment for you to regularly check the work in progress;
🌟 Ongoing development process with constant weekly status updates, feedback from you and project management on our side;
🌟 Deliver the final working product as agreed, beyond expectations.
🌟 Our workflow is not written in stone but adapted to your needs.

Our workflow is not written in stone but adapted to your needs.